Sirikit Botanic Garden and Mae Sa Elephant Camp

Long time that I have no chance to travel out of South Thailand, fortunately I got a little vacation, so I was immediately planned my trip (with my family) to Northern part of Thailand. Here below are my itineraries:

Depart from Chumpon > Nakornsawan> Chiang Mai > Muang Mae Hong Son > Pai > Lampang > Ampawa (Samutsongkram)

Just couldn’t find the exact reasons why I stuck with this region…the charming of local people or scenery or both ?

However, the time goes by, so thing changes as someone said as well…This time of my visit Chiang Mai couldn’t make me much impressed, may be from flooding of tourist, however, the city is still inspiring.

Once I arrived to Chiang Mai, I spent the first 2 nights at my uncle’s house in Mae Rim, the whether at the night-time (during December) is around 20ํc, comfortable cold, I though ^ ^

Leelawadee flower with morning mist
Leelawadee flower with morning mist

During my stay here in Mae Rim, I visited Sirikit Botanic Garden, Mae Rim-Samoeng, there are plenty of preserved flora nad fauna, if you would like to see an unusal Torch Thiste’ s species, or tropical plants, let get here.

One type of Flora in this botanic garden
Sample of Fauna in the the tropical garden
Another specie of Chuan Chuen flower
Torch Thiste
Torch Thiste

I’ve spent 2 hours touring thee project, felling that’s there are still many hidden places in Thailand waiting me to explore…

The next drop of today’s program is Mae Sa Elephant Camp, I bought the ticket (cost 120 Baht, 1 hour) for viewing elephant ‘s show. The elepahnts in this camp were very well trained, and they are all well disciplined.

Elephants in Mae Sa Elephant Camp or in Thai, Pang Chang Mae Sa
Elephant's painting, how amaing thery are!

The show took time approx. an hour,  and it is the last program (of this day), but sill left some feeling inside (that I couldn’t express) between the elephants here and the fever of Panda.

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